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Life and Nature by Jean-Francois MONDIN

Jean-François MondinAt birth, beings are a pure product made to live alongside Mother Nature, who provides them with oxygen for plant photosynthesis, varieties of food through the seasons, and natural medicines developed from plants.

Mother Nature in Danger

Today, humans are growing up in a very different universe from which for which they were created.
Indeed, for two centuries, mankind has been blinded by the progress of science.

Science, without consciousness, has led human beings to invade and abuse nature, who is their second mother. For example, they have polluted the air with CO2, changed the lives of the flora and fauna; with rain, pesticides and fertilisers which have polluted our rivers and streams to the point of eliminating fish and rendering water unfit for animal and human consumption.

Together for the Earth's environment


At present, human beings have become aware of their responsibility towards the environment both for today (for themselves and their families) and tomorrow (for future generations).

COSMECOLOGY was born from a deep awareness that the future of mankind lies in respecting and preserving our beautiful nature:

- Our product packaging is designed to minimise the amount of material used, and is also recyclable.
- Product information and references have been removed since most of the information is available on, an initiative by which technology contributes to conserving the planet's resources.

Cosmetics increasingly depend on synthetic molecules

Each day, human beings apply increasingly significant quantities of skin care products to their face and body.

This cosmetic nutrition to the skin is very rarely "organic", with uncertainties regarding the origin of the plants, with or without GMO, chemical fertilizers, pesticides, etc. In addition, these products often contain preservatives, such as Paraben, in high doses in order to extend their shelf-life.

The efficacy of Nature and the pleasure of beauty products

The benefits of organic food are evident since this food is generally grown in farms that forbid pesticides, GMOs and chemical fertilisers.
In addition, when vegetables and fruits are picked ripe, they contain more vitamins, essential oils and other substances that provide them with their healthy properties and true flavours.

In cosmetics, a sort of food for the skin, there is no trace of this, as the benefits are in the organic active ingredients, although very often the scent and lack of fine textures make women turn away from these type of products.

Harmony between human nature and green nature

Our bodies are, in essence, a product of Nature.
The human cell, which is our biological unit, is actually very much like the plant cell, with which many metabolic similarities exist.

COSMECOLOGY is the perfect harmony between human and plant cells.

Enter the universe of COSMECOLOGY product formulas

Ideas that drive our researchers...
- The active ingredients of products come from plants.
- Each active ingredient has the appropriate concentration for visible results.
- Each formula respects the nature of your skin.
- Each product's scent is skin-compatible.
- Body hygiene and hair care products are environmentally friendly.

- Safe production in the laboratory is at the forefront of cosmetic technology.

article-seringueExcluded products:
- Paraben-based preservatives
- Phenoxyethanol
- Formaldehyde
- Toluene
- Chemical filters

Enter the universe of COSMECOLOGY product formula

shampooings efficaces

...for the well-being of both women and men

- Facial care products with scientifically proven results
- Scrubs that leave the complexion looking radiant
- Masks that fully restore the complexion
- Gentle cleansers that are a pleasure to use
- Shower gels in harmony with Nature
(the biodegradability of their surfactants are upper than à 90%) 
- Efficient shampoos that are pleasant to use
- Ensured safety and traceability of all products


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